Principals of Principal


Principles of the Principal

Dear Students, Parents and Guardians,

I cordially invite you to be a part of Nesfield family.

Nesfield International College has been offering education, germane to the twenty first century. Along with excellent state of infrastructure, the college has been providing quality education in different programmes, affiliated to Tribhuvan University. Since 2007 AD, many students have translated their dream to reality via our diverse programmes viz. BASW, BBS, BCA, BBM, BHM and MBS. With equal commitment, we propose to offer MBM and MA programmes very soon.

Positivity, service, compassion, tolerance and faithfulness are the underpinnings of Nesfield International College. We are trying to create a world-class learning environment where students can cultivate proficiency in the areas of their choice and can combat the challenges of the global, multicultural environment. We enable our students to convert the untoward situation to propitious and, therefore, focus on hand-on experiences.

Many students, who completed their Masters Degree in Business Studies (MBS), under the guidance of our experienced and dedicated faculties, have occupied significant space in top managerial positions. The research-oriented, globally relevant and participatory teaching-learning approach has been proved conducive to the students. Similarly, BASW and BBS programmes have been highly successful in producing market based human resources. Our BHM program, affiliated to Tribhuvan University, has been popular as a job-oriented study, and many students have enlisted themselves in the international as well as national hospitality industry. Our departing collegians have proved themselves as well-rounded individuals, who can contest any sort of professional challenges reflecting their rigorous academic exercise obtained at the college.

I would be pleased to welcome the aspiring students to join the various courses in Hospitality Management, Business Studies and Humanities offered by Nesfield International College. I hope the future needs of our nation will be fulfilled by the generation of young and professional personnel groomed in a supportive and collegial milieu.   

Arun Kumar K.C.
Nesfield International College